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About Us

Welcome to YNS-Land. We are a U.S. based business that purchases land across the county. YNS-Land is a property investment company that prides itself on quick, professional, easy transactions, and seller satisfaction. We and our partners have been in business for twenty plus years and have successfully completed tens of thousands of purchases similar to this one. We formed a business around the idea of creating an accessible, hassle-free process for property owners to sell their land. We are a private land buyer; This process does not involve Real Estate agents, yet meets all county and state requirements and provides you with a no risk transaction. We are here to help. At YNS-Land we strive to foster a simple land sale process. If you wish to sell your land, we are here to help and look forward to working with you.In many situations, we can deliver a cashier’s check to your door in as little as seven days for the purchase price of the property. We will pay allof the associated costs of completing this transaction including back taxes, within reason, as well as title and escrow fees with First American Title, Inc. if we choose to complete the transaction in this manner. The price we agree upon is the amount of the cashier’s check you will receive.

The Process

Contact YNS land and provide information about the property you are interested in selling. YNS Land will then provide an offer (if we have not already). When we have a price agreement, the YNS-Land team performs some initial due diligence which may include verifying Ownership, Title, Taxes, and Liens. After the initial due diligence is complete, YNS-Land will contact the Seller to get or verify the Purchase Agreement is in place for the property as needed. Once both parties agree to and sign the contract YNS-Land then conducts additional due diligence as required. Property closing is done in 1 of 2 ways: By mobile notary or through a Title company. In all cases, YNS pays all transaction costs, you receive the full amount of the agreed to price*.

Mobile Notary

Title Company

In either case, a Warranty Deed and payment is made by cashier’s check at the time of signing or by the title company when the transaction is complete. * unless otherwise allowed/ required by contract or law

See What Sellers are Saying

YNS Land makes the land selling process so easy. Nice people to work with and fair!

Marcus C.

They helped me through the sale of my property and even filed additional paperwork so I could sell the property after that death of my father. I am very thankful I worked with YNS land.

Chris S.


Richard D.

What a great and easy company to work with

Mary U.

Got another property for you since you did such an extremely superior fantastic professional job on the last transaction! And l mean it. Thank-you so much and really hope you will accept it, because I only want YOUR trustworthy handling and proper processes

Shawn B.